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Money transfer from card to card

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Remote service allows you to quickly perform control and operations on your current account. Online mode from anywhere in the world. Logging is carried out from a special page with a login and password and / or a certificate. We are in correspondence with the bank's employees, a news line.

- Work with ruble payment orders (outgoing and incoming payments)
- Feedback of payment documents
- Control of payments: limits on the amount of payment and the balance on the account
- Obtaining information on accruals from the GIS, GMP
- Integration with 1C: Export / import of payment orders and statements from 1С through text files; Direct exchange of documents with the bank (using electronic signature and secure communication channels)
- Salary project: Order for transfer of salary; Maintenance of the employee directory

- Transaction passport
- Certificate of supporting documents
- Information about currency transactions
- Application for closing the transaction passport
- Application for reissuing the transaction passport
- Application for opening a transaction passport
* Screenshots of the Internet Bank for legal entities

- Execution of currency transactions: Application for currency transfer; Instruction to buy / sell currency; Instruction on the transit currency account; Instruction for currency conversion;
- Receipt of statements and balances in the context of all accounts;

- Maintaining document templates and document archives
- Working with directories - general banking and personal (purpose of payment, beneficiaries)
- Electronic document management
- Work with card indexes: # 1 (documents awaiting the client's acceptance), # 2 (documents unpaid on time due to lack of sufficient funds on the account), claims
- Letters of credit: Opening of a documentary credit; Instructions for changing the terms of a documentary credit; Change in the terms of a documentary credit;
- Reservation: reservation request / about early return of the reservation amount; Reservation of a reservation to another account; Archiving of applications

High level of information security of the system is ensured by the realized support of various means of crypto protection, various modern methods of authentication and confirmation of operations. Any data exchange is carried out in a secure mode with the signing of an electronic digital signature (EDS).

Before you start, read the Rules of Information Security of the Internet Banking.

Full user manual of the Internet client for legal entities InterBank download. Ability to use remote technical support.

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