Internet Bank

Money transfer from card to card

NOKSSBANK - it's bank it is bank which always near at hand!

Automatic payments
Configure automatic payment for the apartment, phone, credit or Internet. Create templates. Don't think of debts: get paid on the cash card and use the available proceeds of credit.

Money transfer
Simple money transfer to the account or card of any bank 24х7х365, transfer of a salary

You always know what money is spent for. Expenses under control. Limits on an amount of payment and for the rest on the account.
* Pictures of the screen of Internet bank for natural persons

Any payments
Credit, phone, apartment, Internet, state duties, Traffic police, payment orders, currency transactions.

Full information
Accounts, credits and cards: conditions, maturity date, percent. Extracts, remains, archive, reference books, card files, support 1C.

We use safety SSL certificate, confidential data are ciphered: access for malefactors is blocked. At the password which is incorrectly entered 3 times the entrance is blocked for 3 minutes. For receiving the help in work with Internet bank use free phone of our support service in Russia.