Universal license for banking operations
№ 3202 issued 11.23.2017 by the Central Bank of Russia.
Shareholders of Bank as of 12.01.2017 are 3 legal entities.
The shareholders of JSC NOKSSBANK – residents of the Russian Federation
CJS company «Neftegazinvest»
LLC «Investment company «NOKSS»
Information about the qualifications and experience of the Bank's governing
JSC NOKSSBANK always open to dialogue with purposeful companies in the Russian Federation and invites to cooperation. As a commercial organization, we provide special conditions for banking services for our partners. Welcome joint projects in the segments of Auto, real Estate, Construction, Sales of household appliances, large online stores.

Attracting employees to salary projects, You allow them to use all our services on favorable terms and to obtain from the Bank an additional platinum privileges, which were in high demand all over the world. Partnership with our Bank will ensure Your company financial independence, stability and development.

Partner network of NOKSSBANK brings together companies, shops and shopping centers in many cities of Russia, whereby the Bank's customers with the card can pay for purchases in one touch, take advantage of the many discounts and a refund (cashback) with purchase. To date, developed a new bonus scheme of cooperation.
NOKSSBANK has the membership in the following largest associations:
Interbancari the society for worldwide financial telecommunications (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) S. W. I. F. T.
The system of mandatory insurance of deposits. The certificate on inclusion of Bank in the register of banks-participants of system of obligatory insurance of deposits N517 in the registry that issued from 01.27.2005 by the State Corporation «Agency for deposits insurance». The Bank is insured placed by the investors in the funds, in the order the amount and on conditions established by the Federal Law dated 12.23.2003 No. 177-FL «About insurance of deposits of individuals in banks of the Russian Federation».
International payment system «MasterCard Europe S. A.».
International payment system "Visa International".
JSC NOKSSBANK was founded in 1995 by enterprises of oil industry complex and, being a regional Bank, is collaborating with regional partners in the Volgograd region:
"Volgograd drilling equipment plant", LLC
"Publishing and polygraphic complex "Tsaritsyn" TV SYSTEMS, LTD
Volgograd chamber of Commerce
"Medical Center" the Fifth Element", LLC
"Medical center "Atlas", LLC
Mustard plant "RHODES"
Strojjkompleks, LLC
"Region Plus", LLC

Documents and reports
To the attention of customers NEXTBANK: update client data in the framework of implementation of the Federal law №173-FZ and of the US Law on taxation of foreign accounts (FATCA) >
Privacy policy
This privacy Policy of the Bank (Privacy Policy) in relation to information on the web approved by the management Board of JSC NOKSSBANK Protocol No. 110 06.26.2015 designed in accordance with the Federal law of 07.27.2006 N 152-FL "On personal data protection", resolutions of the government of the Russian Federation and regulations of the Bank of Russia governing the protection of personal data, "the position of the Bank on the security of personal data of customers of JSC NOKSSBANK during their processing in personal data information systems" approved by the Board of Directors 04.28.2012, No. 67, used in the operation of Services and is responsible for the safe and responsible use of information.

This document is the privacy policy of the Website, Internet banking and Mobile Apps of the Bank and shall apply to the relations of the Bank and of service Users when performing User transactions using the Services. Privacy policy of the Bank is published on the Bank's Services as text and is specified by reference to this text document in the Application form User to send information to the Bank.

Privacy policy applies only to the Services and applies to all information that the Bank may receive from the User during use of the listed Services.

The User's use of Services and the provision of User's personal data when carrying out transactions through Services (sending of applications, the use of electronic payments and transfers and other means full, unconditional assent to this Policy and the abovementioned terms and conditions for the provision and processing of Personal information; in case of disagreement with these conditions the User should refrain from using the Services.

This document is approved by the Board of the Bank. The Bank is entitled to unilaterally at any time to make changes to this privacy Policy. The new version of the privacy Policy shall enter into force upon its posting on the Website of the Bank, unless otherwise provided by the provisions of the new wording of the privacy Policy.

The Bank shall process only the Personal information that the User provided to the Bank itself, and which required the Bank to provide services to the User and feedback from the User (name, phone number, email address, etc.). When completing certain types of applications will need to provide additional information, in particular, series and number of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the place and date of issue, place of birth, address of permanent residence and actual place of residence, average income, marital status, place of work and its characteristics. The user, indicating in the Application their details, gives consent to their processing according to clause 1, article 9 of the Federal law of 07.27.2006 N 152-FL.

The Bank may collect and process other types of information about you: information about visits, page views and interaction with the site, the type and frequency of use of the site, the characteristics of the audience, the User's IP address, a cookie or anonymous identifier information about the mobile device from which you access by using: functional solutions for advertising, statistical functions use the Services and software components to ensure the efficiency of the Services in whole or their separate parts. When making e-money payments and transfers by the Bank is collected and processed including but not limited to: data on type of operation, location, time and amount of the transaction, method of payment, seller and/or the service provider, and other information associated with the Commission of the above operations.

Personal information may be used by the Bank for the following purposes: - to identify the User, confirm the accuracy and completeness of personal data. The Bank assumes that the User provides true and sufficient Personal information; - to grant the User access to the personalized sections of the Services; - to contact you (notifications, requests and information about change of status applications, accounts and other information relating to the use of the Services; - to handle queries, requests and orders of the User; - to explore User needs in order to offer them the most suitable products and services; - to improve the quality of the Service, its usability, the development of new services. The Bank has the right to use the information for General statistical analyses, is designed to improve banking services, diagnose technical problems on the site and to identify atypical transactions. The IP address will not be used by the Bank to identify you personally except in cases of suspected fraud in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Bank takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect User personal information from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and other unlawful actions. In particular, are used:

All servicing Internet requests from Users and operations in the Services performed by the Bank, and in the presence of appropriate contracts and banking agents, call centers, service providers, which may be brought by the Bank for processing of applications, provision of services and improve the quality of services, the third party operates under Agreement with the Bank and Agreements not to disclose confidential User data or on the basis of law or a court order.

Storage of Personal information is carried out by means of your User base. Questions the purposes, forms and retention periods of Personal data shall be determined in accordance with the "regulations of the Bank on the security of personal data of customers of JSC NOKSSBANK during their processing in personal data information systems" approved by the Board of Directors, minutes No. 67 dated 04.28.2012.

Contact information to contact Users of the Services with the Owner of the Services listed on the "Contact" page of the Website of the Bank,