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Development Bank of production of oil and gas extractive equipment, conversion, shipbuilding and construction (joint-stock company) / JSC NOKSSBANK
The basic principle of our work – customer focus. We guarantee high quality of the offered services and an individual approach to needs of each client. Our online bank allows without turns and visit of bank to receive all services on the Internet. Business partners and clients of Bank are the industrial enterprises, the enterprises of wholesale and retail trade of the region, the enterprise of a services sector, a great number of natural persons.
JSC NOKSSBANK is the acting member of the international payment service provider MasterCard and state system deposit insurance of Russia, and also has correspondent accounts in operating Russian and foreign banks in foreign currency that allows to provide the high level of service in service export-import contracts.
The bank conforms to requirements of information security of credit institution of the standard of the Bank of Russia (HUNDRED BR IBBS-1.0-2008), has licenses of UFSB in the Volgograd region for distribution, for technical service of cryptography (cryptographic) tools and rendering of services in the field of enciphering information (рег. No. 535-U, 536-U, 537-U of 26.09.2007).
History of NOKSSBANK

2018 year:

  • JSC NOKSSBANK, Moscow city, Volgograd city. We go with time.
  • Rating of the bank as of 02/07/2018 B+ (RU) stable (Analytical Credit Rating Agency, AKRA)

2017 year:

  • NOKSSBANK - Bank Bank of quick solutions. An exclusive boutique on the financial services market. We are waiting for you at the main office in the city of Volgograd and the VIP-office in Moscow Business Center "Moscow City".

2016 year:

  • NOKSSBANK - Bank of quick solutions. Opening of new premium office in Moscow (Business Center Moscow City).

2015 year:

  • NOKSSBANK is a strong, financially stable and steadily growing professional structure demanded by the market and able to respond adequately to the challenges of the time.
  • NOKSSBANK – Bank of quick solutions! Greatly improved online banking: Internet-Bank for physical personsInternet Bank for legal entitiesМобильный банк for individuals.
  • NOKSSBANK celebrating its 20th anniversary!
  • NOKSSBANK is a leader in the Volgograd region in terms of share capital, own funds and earnings.
  • NOKSSBANK invariably builds its relations with clients on principles of long-term mutually beneficial partnership, mutual benefit and unconditional commitments. Professionalism and unity of the team of managers and specialists have always been and remain the key to sustainable and successful development of the Bank.
  • NOKSSBANK – it's: conservatism, honesty and hard work, total transparency and of course, creativity and innovation.

The activities of JSC NOKSSBANK – a vivid example of how much can be done if organizational talent managers and the correct positioning in the system of new economic relations multiplied by the desire to work for the good of the country and people. We can confidently say that the experience, rich history, traditions and cohesive team will enable the Bank to continue to stay ahead and attain new heights.

2014 year:

  • NOKSSBANK – the best regional Bank in Volgograd region.
  • The Bank carries out an action on the mortgage 10/10/10. The initial payment of 10% loan for 10 years, the rate of 10% per annum.
  • The Bank increases customer loyalty by implementing bonus programs and conducting promotions for free services.

2013 year:

  • NOKSSBANK – laureate of the IX ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL AWARD "BANKING 2013" in the nomination "the Best Bank in the region".

Organizers - magazine "Banking" and media holding "Agency Informbank" - gathered in the conference center of hotel "Swissotel Red Hills Moscow" the best representatives of the credit institutions of the Russian Federation and the CIS, to mark their outstanding achievements and significant contribution to the development of the financial sector of our country. NOKSSBANK received the 1st prize was a natural result of 18 years of successful work, the recognition of achievements in banking, a confirmation of professional competence, business reputation and evaluation of significant contribution to the development of the financial sector in Volgograd region.

2012 year:

  • The Bank actively implements its development strategy for 2012 – 2014 and keeps an intense pace of development, offering the public and businesses a wide range of products and services!
  • In the summer of NOKSSBANK carries out an action to issue international credit cards with incredibly low interest rates!
  • In the autumn, the Bank encouraged its depositors, raising Deposit rates. This decision attracted NOKSSBANK a large number of new Customers!
  • In winter NOKSSBANK repeats the now traditional campaign "Bring a friend", thanks to which many business entities learn about the comfort and high quality cash management services from the NOKSSBANK!

2011 year:

  • NOKSSBANK expands staff, created new divisions. So, the main objectives and tasks of the new Department of development were: development, further implementation/sale of banking products and services, as well as subsequent and regular monitoring of the quality of the comprehensive customer service of the Bank.
  • One of the priorities of NOKSSBANK in 2011 was lending to the real sector of the economy: individuals and legal entities.
  • Developed or improved a program that allows for profitable and competitive conditions, to purchase a new or used car, an apartment or a house, take a loan for any purpose, upon receipt of the funds in cash.
  • Legal entities-Bank's customers had the opportunity to develop their own business using long-term financial instruments on favorable terms: renewable and nonrenewable credit line overdraft lending.
  • In 2011 the Bank managed to increase its loan portfolio by almost 2 times.
  • Significant and qualitative changes in the customer service standards of the Bank. For corporate clients the basic principles of a comprehensive banking services, working with individuals have acquired a qualitatively new level. Each client of the Bank (physical or legal person) in 2011 acquired a personal Manager in contact with him on matters of banking services and helping to solve arising problems. The Bank Manager, being attentive to customer needs in a timely manner, ready to offer several variants of solving the problem by providing additional banking products.
  • For the population in addition to affordable loan funds have become more attractive and Deposit products. So, in 2011, was created by the contribution of "Gold" and the contribution of Silver to investors which automatically opened a credit line with a limit. Specifically for seniors were developed Deposit "Pension", taking into account their options, wishes and possibilities of persons in retirement.
  • In 2011 the new owners of plastic cards issued by NOKSSBANK, were more than 1 000 people.
  • An Equip Bank premise with modern means of video surveillance has not only helped to improve the security of employees and customers of the Bank, but also to improve the quality of service.

2010 year:

  • The Bank celebrated its fifteenth year of operation for the benefit of the population, business and state!
  • The Bank offered all employees of the budgetary sphere special conditions of credit!
  • Developed a new service "Information portal" that allows all our customers to obtain information about their accounts from the comfort of home!
  • Embedding popular service "Electronic Banking for Urgent Payments became highly demanded by the Customers of the Bank!
  • For depositors became available a new type of Deposit "Comfortable", allowing you to use ruble savings more benefits and convenience!
  • First event "Bring a friend" offers Customers of NOKSSBANK to get a nice benefit when they recommend to business partners cash management service in NOKSSBANK!

2009 year:

  • National Rating Agency has included NOKSSBANK in the first group of banks with relative financial stability (as of 01.01.09).
  • NOKSSBANK is among the 200 largest Russian banks by equity (as of 01.01.09). Source - the magazine "Kommersant Dengi" №11 dated 23.03.09.

2008 year:

  • In order to ensure a fruitful cooperation with the enterprises of Volga, NOKSSBANK entered into Volzhskaya chamber of Commerce and industry.
  • Expanded the range of payment systems, in addition to Mastercard, Visa, Anelik, Interexpress, NOKSSBANK successfully works with Migom and Lider.

2007 year:

  • In 2007, the holders of plastic cards NOKSSBANK provides a new service: the possibility of credit transactions via ATM, Cash-In, payment through ATMs of NOKSSBANK services to mobile operators Beeline, MegaFon, MTS.
  • In 2007 the Bank expanded the range of payment systems and successfully starts work with the transfer system Anelik, Interexpress, Contact.
  • NOKSSBANK involved in the first specialized exhibition "Bank. Credit. Leasing. Insurance" and is awarded with a participant diploma "For high quality of services provided, the original design of the stand and active participation in the exhibition."

2006 year:

  • In 2006, the Bank is a leader among regional banks by the main financial indicators: income, equity capital, own funds and holds a high position in lending.
  • The Bank continues to participate in the Program of crediting of subjects of small entrepreneurship, including peasant (farmer) farms, which sets the procedure of state financial support of small entrepreneurship in the framework of the state guarantees of the Russian Federation on borrowings undertaken by OJSC "Russian development Bank" in the domestic market.
  • The Bank reached the level of own funds of 1 billion rubles. This became possible due to well-developed Bank strategy. As a result, fortified positions and created a platform for further progressive development and meet the growing needs of customers.

2005 year:

  • On 25 January 2005, NOKSSBANK celebrated the tenth anniversary of its founding. NOKSSBANK today is a modern financial institution, the largest of the Volgograd regional banks by authorized capital. NOKSSBANK, having gone through a period of tough competition and economic and financial crisis of 1998, was able to gain credibility with a wide range of clients. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff under the leadership of Chairman of the Board of Sinyukov Victor Dmitrievich.

  • 27 Jan 2005 the Bank received an official certificate of the State Corporation "Agency on insurance of contributions" about inclusion of NOKSSBANK at number 517 in the register of banks – participants of system of obligatory insurance of deposits.

  • NOKSSBANK is on the 1st place among regional banks in terms of equity and profit. The loan portfolio amounted to more than 1 billion rubles.

2004 year:

  • The Bank completed the certification process and 17 June 2004 received the certificate of conformity of quality management System to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000.

  • NOKSSBANK joined the international Association of Visa International in the status of “Deposit Access” Associate Membership, with the consequent increase and change their status after 2 years for Associate Membership (the decision of the Board of Directors of Visa International of 08.04.2004).

2003 year:

  • The Bank received General license No. 3202. The Bank obtained the General license significantly increased the capabilities of the Bank operations on the territory of Russia and abroad.

  • NOKSSBANK became a member of the Society for worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication - S. W. I. F. T.
  • Published in the National Banking Magazine in November of 2003 the ranking, compiled on the basis of indicators of profitability, assets and equity capital, NOKSSBANK took the 21st place among the 200 most profitable banks in Russia.
  • In terms of profitability of balance sheet total (assets) the Bank occupied the 4th place in the ranking among the 200 most profitable banks in Russia. 

2002 year:

  • Bank's share capital increased to 200 million rubles.

  • NOKSSBANK successfully develops partner relationships with major companies in the regional market.

2001 year:

  • NOKSSBANK became the first among the banks of the Volgograd region, engaged in issuing and servicing of international cards Eurocard/MasterCard.

  • The Bank provides a full range of banking services.

2000 year:

  • 5 years NOKSSBANK successfully operates on the territory of the Volgograd region (Russia).

  • NOKSSBANK became a member of the international payment system MasterCard/Europay".

1999 year:

  • NOKSSBANK became a member of the St. Petersburg currency exchange.

  • Opened the first multi-currency "NOSTRO" in foreign Bank and 6 of the accounts "NOSTRO" in Russian banks.

1998 year:

  • NOKSSBANK joined the Association of commercial banks of the Volgograd region.

Obtained additional licenses:

  • For banking operations with funds in rubles and foreign currency;

  • To attract in deposits monetary resources of natural persons in rubles and foreign currency;

  • For attracting deposits and placement of precious metals.

1997 year:

  • The Bank is included by the magazine "Kommersant" among the 500 largest Russian banks in terms of capital.

  • NOKSSBANK on the size of the share capital occupies the 2nd place among banks of the Volgograd region, the 404-th place in the list of Russian banks.

1996 year:

  • NOKSSBANK leads successful banking activity on the territory of the Volgograd region.

  • The Bank became one of the few of the Volgograd banks authorized to place the first issue of debentures of administration of the Volgograd region. The volume of operations with securities amounted to more than 300 million rubles.

1995 year:

  • The Bank was licensed by the Central Bank of Russia to conduct banking operations. The authorized capital amounts to 3 billion rubles.
  • The Bank was established as commercial Bank in the form of open joint-stock companies.
  • The first corporate client has opened a Bank account.
  • Granted the first loan.
Mission of our company
- satisfaction of needs of clients for financial services due to continuous extension of the list of banking services, improvement of quality of their granting and reliability of bank.
Main objective of JSC NOKSSBANK
- to reach qualitatively new level of service of clients, to keep and improve positions of modern universal and competitive bank of the Russian Federation.
For this purpose the Bank plans to use the latest technologies in the work, to increase flexibility and quality of management, to provide speed of reaction to the changing market conditions, to constantly increase volumes of active operations and the capital

The bank effectively uses the available competitive advantages which treat: exclusive conditions on the service mode, considerable resource base and the capital of Bank which allow to grant the large and long-term loans and investments, existence of online bank in the form of the Internet bank available on the Internet via the website of bank the, and Mobile bank available from any electronic mobile devices.

The bank intends to develop and further the conducting direction of the activity - crediting. In the credit policy we are guided by the enterprises and the organizations of real sector of economy, by further development of a consumer loan, by carrying out operations in the market of interbank crediting. The bank plans to expand the list of the banking products and services offered clients due to introduction of new electronic technologies, service and management of assets of clients.

For the purpose of improvement of structure of the attracted resources and granting competitive price conditions for investments into real sector of economy, the Bank puts one of the main objectives in the field of attraction of financial resources increase in a share in the market of bank service of corporate clients. Within strategy in the field of risk management when forming assets the Bank will seek for maintenance of sufficient level of liquidity, balance of structure of assets and liabilities of Bank on terms and types of currencies, ensuring necessary level of diversification.

Welcome to NOKSSBANK – reliable Bank of quick solutions!