Mobile Bank

Money transfer from card to card

Mobile bank it's control of your personal bank account by using your smartphone

Sending of money it's not more difficult than SMS sending!  

Money transfer to bank account or any bank's card (available since 01.06.2016)
Credit, phone, housing and communal services, Internet, state duties, penalties, etc. Templates and automatic payments.
You always know what your money is spent for. Expense control.
Accounts, credits and cards: conditions, rest, maturity date, percent, extracts, archive.
Operations in mobile Internet bank are protected with ciphered mode. For your safety tell nobody the data – a code of access to a mobile application of phone, login and the password for an entrance to Internet bank, a PIN code of the cash card, even to people who are represented by the staff of bank. Set a daily limit on expenditure of the card. Verify the withdrawn sum with the sum in a sms from bank.
Councils for use of NOKSSBANK card >
Step 1
Download the NOKSSBANK Online mobile application, receive login and the password
Step 2
Set a short digital code of an entrance. For iphone use an entrance a contact (touch-id).
Step 3
Make any necessary operations from the phone

Receive login and password for internet bank