Safety Deposit Box, the provision of safes
Lease of individuals and legal entities, individual safes for valuables.
JSC NOKSSBANK provides individuals and legal entities for temporary use (rent) of individual Bank safes of different sizes for storing precious metals (jewelry), Antiques (except for pictures), cash, documents, securities and electronic media. Undertaking storage, the Bank ensures the safety of valuables in an individual safe, guarantees the commercial confidentiality of the contents of the storage facility and shall provide access to the individual safe Deposit box exclusively to the lessee or its Trustees. For customers who have signed a lease for a long term bank will make discounts.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2
Sign the agreement

Step 3
Get a safe-Deposit box


NOKSSBANK provides its Customers safes 3 main sizes (length*width*height), mm:

  • - 350x240x50
  • - 350x240x130
  • - 350x240x270
1.1 Lease of individual Bank safes for a period
1.1.1 From 1 to 30 days, for the entire period 1 000 rubles
1.1.2 From 1 month to 6 months, for the entire period 1 500 rubles
1.1.3 From 1 month to 6 months, for the entire period 3 000 rubles
1.1.4 From 1 year (365, 366 days) to 2 years (730, 731), for the entire period 5 000 rubles
1.1.5 From 2 years (730, 731 days) to 3 years (1095, 1096 days) for the entire period 7 500 rubles
1.2 Fines for lost or damaged key 3 000 rubles
1.3 The penalty for failure to release individual safety Deposit box on the last day of the period of use 40 rubles for each day
1.4 Extending the contract for the rental of an individual bank safe current rate + 5% additional discount