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Commemorative and investment coins
For savings, the gift to the supervisor, a colleague or a close person NOKSSBANK offers to purchase commemorative and investment coins of precious metals of the Bank of Russia. When traditional instruments - foreign currency and real estate - do not meet expectations, being subject to strong market fluctuations, the only thing that grows in price-gold and silver.

So, the coin of St. George 2005 cost in the year of release of issue 2500 rubles, in 2015 it is possible to buy or sell for 22000 rubles.

At the cash box head office of the NOKSSBANK you can buy coins made of precious metals, as well as see the full list of coins offered for sale and their price. In addition to the cost of rare metal, the cost of coins includes their production, stamping, etc.

The Treasury of the Bank is the authorized division of the Bank for work with coins. Tel.: +7(8442)24-07-76, +7(8442)24-30-10

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Database of commemorative and investment coins of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation