legal entities, who has free cash, can increase the income by opening a deposite Placement of free funds of legal entities in term deposits it is a reliable and effective source of the additional income for your company. Allow available funds to work for you and to increase your income!
NOKSSBANK's clients – the legal entities having the deposit and can get:
  • Free support concerning banking services, accounting services, legal services, consulting services;
  • Have individual conditions for crediting;
  • Various financial and service privileges;
  • Cash cards of the high status with free annual service;
  • Privileges on service of settlement accounts.
It is necessary to be suitable for opening of the deposit in one of offices of NOKSSBANK.
Additional service is rent of safes for values.
We pay your attention that according to paragraph 12 of article 76 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, since 05.12.2014 in the presence of the decision on stay of transactions on the accounts of taxpayers (the organizations, the individual entrepreneurs, notaries who are engaged in private practice, the lawyers who have founded lawyer offices) tax agents, payers of collecting and transfers of the specified organizations and persons of electronic money in bank, deposits, have no right to open of accounts for such organizations and persons
The interest rate for deposits pays off individually depending on the sum, term and additional conditions of placement.
Placement terms From 30 to 730 days (by agreement with bank)
Sum of the fixed deposit from 5 000 000 to 200 000 000 rubles (by agreement with bank)
Charge and payment of percent
  • the interest rate depends on the sum, the term of placement, an economic (market) situation of existence of additional options: frequency of payment of percent, opportunity and conditions of replenishment and partial withdrawal of funds from the deposit;
  • percent on fixed deposits by agreement with Bank can be paid monthly, quarterly or upon termination of deposit term
Possibility of replenishment of the deposit by agreement with bank
Possibility of partial early withdrawal of funds from the deposit by agreement with Bank

Documents for opening of the term deposit:
  • In case if your organization is already a client of NOKSSBANK (has the settlement account) – the deposit contract;
  • In case you have no settlement account in bank – the full package of documents similar is provided open account.