Money transfers
A remittance — is a transfer of money to a person or entity through a credit institution (Bank) or postal (telegraphic) communication. Money transfers are carried out in an order the sender of money on their payment to the person specified in the translation. The possibility of secure and convenient money transfer at all times worried about people. Now the possibility of transfer of funds is available to anyone and thus is highly demanded by all. With the development of interstate business and the migration of labor forces from one country to another very serious question arises about the transfer of the money to relatives at home with the minimum of disruption and as quickly as possible.
Cash operations cash credit card (withdrawing money from cards, recharge cards, transfer from card to card), foreign exchange transactions in US dollars and euros at the Bank rate can be done at the following addresses:
Volgograd, 7 Gvardeyskoy str., d. 2, Bank building (from 9-00 to 17-00 hours).

When servicing it is necessary to have at itself the document proving the identity.
Non-cash transactions available through Online banking. For more information about services and Bank fees for money transfers You can contact the Department of Financial monitoring and currency control.