NOKSSBANK's cards benefits
  • Unique design
  • Free of charge withdrawal
  • High level of trust
  • Salary projects
  • Worldwide using
  • Expense control
  • Safety
  • Get cards for the relative and the child
  • Any currency
  • Trust and credibility
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  • Store the PIN code separately from the card, tell nobody the PIN code;
  • If you are mistaken at the PIN code set three times, the card will be blocked or withdrawn;
  • It is not given a new PIN in case of loss, the card should be reissued;
  • If you input wrong PIN code three times the card will be withdrawn.
  • You have to store a card in safety place
  • Don't transfer the card to other persons except for the cashier;
  • Demand carrying out operations with the card surely at your presence;
  • Check the sum of write-off from the account with the sum on the bill;
  • Keep the bills issued to you within 6 months from the moment of carrying out operation;
  • In need of registration of the new payment document the previous payment has to be cancelled or cancelled at your presence;
  • In order to avoid damage of a magnetic strip don't hold the card near sources of electromagnetic radiation (screens, Microwave ovens, an audio equipment, etc.);
  • It is impossible to hold the card near heat sources, and also to subject to influence of direct sunshine.
  • Forgot PIN-code
    • It is impossible to recover a PIN code, If you forgot a password. If you lost its you have to request a new card.

  • I have lost a card
    • In case of loss or theft of your plastic card immediately contact the Support service by free phone 8-800-200-999-7 or the round-the-clock number of uniform help service 8-800-200-45-75. We will block the old card and give new one.

  • How to block a card
    • You have to contact support service to block your card immediatly. Phone: 8-800-200-45-75.
      It is necessary to remember that you bear responsibility for all operations accorded with your card before the termination of term of her action or until return of the card to Bank. By transfer it is forbidden to specify the PIN code in an oral or written form of data on loss of a plastic card.