General terms
Currency of account and currency of the account with proceeds of credit (overdraft) RUB / USD / EUR
Sum of monetary credit, ₽/$/€ 500 000 / 10 000 / 10 000
Loan repayment period up to 3 years
Interest rate (% per year), ₽/$/€ 18 % / 12 % / 12 %
(it is charged only for the withdrawn sum)
Annual service of the main card, for the 1 year, ₽/$/€ 6000 / 100 / 100
(monthly: 500 ₽ / 8,3 $ / 8,3 €)
Annual service of the additional card, for the 1 year, ₽/$/€ 3000 / 50 / 50
Minimum contribution to the card -
The hidden percent, percent for removal and replenishment by cash in rubles, in NOKSSBANK ATMs no
Interest for registering payments from the account of the cash card: at payment of goods/services, at transfer to customer NOKSSBANK's account, at payment of the budgetary services no
Interest for cash withdrawal in ATMs of other banks 1,5% (min 150 ₽ / 5 $ / 5 €)
Term of payment of percent Last working day of month
(Monthly, 5% of the loan amount and 100% interest for the billing period, but not more than the loan and interest arrears)
Benefits Nominal Gold (gold) card - high status card. Priority service, special offers, and discounts around the world. Plastic card Gold - a financial freedom anywhere in the world. You can receive the salary on this credit card. For this purpose it is necessary to write the application in the place of the work. There are no percents for non-cash transfer of funds for the card at the same time.
At repayment of the loan it is possible to use the ATM and other payment service providers, it isn't obligatory to visit bank at all.
Contactless payment of purchases in one touch Yes (MasterCard PayPass)
The conditions for obtaining Age from 21 years, the presence of a permanent place of work with a continuous experience of 6 months, income statement